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EasyFit Isolator USA

1" EasyFit Isolator Valve, Complete Kit

1" EasyFit Isolator Valve, Complete Kit

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1" EasyFit Isolator Valve  (Imperial Pipe Size)

This emergency shut-off valve is designed to help shut off the water in copper tubing. It allows the replacement of defective valves and the installation of new valves without the need to shut off the water. The valve may be replaced or installed on hot or cold water, pressurized systems, copper tubing (K,L,M) and PEX.

Technical Specs

Max Operating Pressure: 230 PSI

Max Operating Temperature: 185°F

Body: 304 Stainless Steel

Secondary Seals: EPDM

Cutting Blade: Steel




Install valve in 10 minutes or less

Eliminates expensive facility shutdowns


- Includes (Multi-Use) Installation Toolkit*
- Hot/Cold Valve Handles
- Plastic Cap

*Additional Tools (Wrench/Drill/Screwdriver) Not Included

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