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Eliminate expensive shutdowns with a copper tube emergency shut off valve. Replace failed valves or install a new valve for hot or cold water in less than 10 minutes without turning off the water.



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Step by step instructions on how to properly install the EasyFit Isolator valve


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Larger sizes coming soon! Also additional pipe & tubing types, higher pressures and temperatures!

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  • "This product is simple and innovative. It saved us time and money on one of our projects since we were able to avoid a complete building shutdown. We stock them in our company trucks now for emergency situations."

    - AKP Technology

All You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does EasyFit Isolator work?

The EasyFit Isolator is a quick-fit potable water approved plumbing isolation valve for pressurized pipes.The isolator valve clamps around and installs into a copper or plastic pressurized tube (hot or cold), providing a full bore permanent isolation valve.

How do you fit the EasyFit Isolator valve?

STEP 1: Clamp your isolator valve on the pressurized hot or cold water line tubing you are installing your valve onto.

STEP 2: Screw on your bolts using your drill gun , but make to have your drill set tolow torgueto avoid bolt breakage.

STEP 3:Set your drill to maximum torque and low gear (1). Drill up to the blue line on the socket.

STEP 4:Unscrew the drill collar from the valve. Twist until the red dot are aligned with one another. Remove the split poly tube from the spindle.

STEP 5: Position the cap and seal against the pipe tubing ends.

STEP 6: Secure the cap with by screwing all four bolts. To prevent over tightening make sure to manual screw them on with a screw driver.

STEP 7: Last secure your Hot/Cold valve handle onto valve. Congratulations! you have offically installed your EasyFit Isolator Valve.

What does an EasyFit valve do?

Installs onto live pressurized plumbing systems such as hotels, shops, houses with multiple occupants, hospitals, and care homes where water supply needs to be worked on without inconveniencing other occupants.

What is the pressure and temperature rating on an EasyFit Isolator valve?

The EasyFit Isolator valve is rated for up to 230psi and 185Β°F

Is the Easyfit Isolator valve certified?

Yes, the Easyfit Isolator valve has been certified by the NSF as a Drinking Water System Component, and has also been certified by UPC as a ball valve.

Download NSF Certificate

Download UPC Certificate


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