Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

1. What is EasyFit Isolator?

EasyFit Isolator is a permanent, "full flow" isolation valve that can be fitted to live copper (K,L,M) and PEX cold and hot water lines. There is no need to shut down the water main or drain the system. EasyFit Isolator eliminates shut downs or the need for freezing pipes.

2. Is the Easyfit Isolator valve certified?

Yes, the Easyfit Isolator valve has been certified by the NSF as a Drinking Water System Component, and has also been certified by UPC as a ball valve.

Download NSF Certificate

Download UPC Certificate

3. Where can I purchase Easyfit?

The Easyfit Isolator, made for imperial size copper tubing (K,L,M) and PEX, is exclusively distributed in North America by You can purchase EasyFit from one of our local stocking partners, or if you do not have one near by, right here on this site via our products page

4. I found someone else selling EasyFit. Can I purchase from them?

The North American version of EasyFit has been engineered and designed specifically for the sizes and types of tubing and pipe found in North America. Valves made for other regions will not install properly and can leak. You would need to verify the valve you are purchasing is made for the North American market. Depending on your region, there may be sub-distribution setup. Please contact us to inquire.

5. Can the EasyFit Isolator be used on hot pipes?

Yes, the EasyFit is designed to be fitted to live pipes with temperatures up to 185°F.

6. When the EasyFit cuts into the pipe, what happens to the piece of pipe which is removed?

The blade on the EasyFit cuts with a ‘swarfless cut’ – so minimal fragments of pipe enter the system. The cut pipe segment is stored and sealed in the lower housing.

7. Will the EasyFit reduce the water flow?

The Easyfit is designed to be a "full flow" valve which reduces flow by just 2% (@ 72 PSI 8 gallons/minute). Flow will be 98% of the flow rate prior to fitting the valve.

8. Is the EasyFit Isolator designed to be permanent?

Yes, when properly installed the EasyFit is designed to be a permanent valve.

9. Is the EasyFit rated for outdoor use.

Yes, EasyFit Isolator is rated for outdoor use.

10. Can I sell EasyFit Isolator?

For distribution inquiries, please contact us via our contact page.

Installation FAQs

1. How do I know how far down I should drill the cutter-plug?

Look at the long-socket. You will find a red and a blue reference line.

1/2" EasyFit long-socket - drill down to the blue reference line

3/4" EasyFit long-socket - drill down to the red reference line

1" EasyFit long-socket - drill down to the blue reference line

The threads on the cutter-plug (brass) will not be visible and sit just below the threads on the body of the valve (stainless steel).

2. What are the drill settings for installing the cutter-plug assembly?

The drill should be set on the low gear (1) and set to maximum torque. You want your drill to be spinning 60 RPM or less, one rotation per second. Having the drill spin any faster may result in tearing or deformation of the main seal.

3. I have fitted the valve and the water is not shutting off.

a) The spindle is not seated all the way down. 

Verify that the cutter-plug is drilled down far enough (See INSTALLATION FAQ #1).

Check how far the spindle is pressed in. You should you be able push the spindle in after the valve is completely installed.

If your stem rises after pressing it in, it is  likely that you have removed the cir-clip. Remove the handle and white cap, refit the cir-clip to the groove in the chromed spindle, press in the spindle, and refit cap and handle. The valve will now turn off and isolate the flow.

b)  The red dots are not aligned.

Remove cap and handle and pull out the spindle. Refit the split poly-tube. DO NOT attempt to rotate the plug without the spindle pulled out and the split poly-tube fitted as this will damage the main seal.

Ensure the cutter-plug upper thread is level with the upper housing thread (see INSTALLATION FAQ #1). Once the spindle is out you can then rotate the plug clockwise (using the deep socket). Align the two closest red vernier dots, remove split poly-tube, push in spindle, and reinstall Cap and handle. Your valve will now isolate.

4. The handle won't fit onto the stem.

Sometimes the plating process makes the handle fit tight, but you should be able to get the handle on by rocking it back and forth while sliding it onto the stem.

Warranty & Returns FAQ's

1. Does the EasyFit Isolator have a warranty?

Yes, the EasyFit Isolator has a warranty of one year.

Please note that most warranty calls are due to improper installation and can be resolved with our support team, so please reach out to them first as they may be able to solve any issues.

2. Can I return an EasyFit Isolator?

If you have not installed your EasyFit Isolator, please contact our returns department. If you have already started the process of installing, please refer to our installation FAQ or contact our support team.